Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me: Becoming Disciples of Christ

By: Alejandro Rodriguez “Do I have a testimony?” As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints our discourse and our reunions revolve around this question. It’s understandable that the topic of belief is continually brought up while participating in an organized belief system. However, as we view the gospel through those lenses,Continue reading “Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me: Becoming Disciples of Christ”

Victimhood, a Rational Trap

Being a victim without victimhood The Search for Oppression and the Siren Call of Self-Pity Foundations: Let’s get one thing straight, everyone is a victim of something. Some people have a terrible disease, some people have experienced prejudice, some people have experienced hate for things they never did, and everyone was born into situations thatContinue reading “Victimhood, a Rational Trap”