Bednar Speaks on COVID-19 and Religious Liberty

By: Luke Harmuth On June 17, an online session of the 2020 Religious Freedom Annual Review was held with two keynote speakers: Dr. Alaa Murabit and Elder Bednar.  Dr. Murabit spoke on the importance of giving platforms to amplify those in religious communities that don’t normally have a voice (ethnic minorities, women, etc.). She madeContinue reading “Bednar Speaks on COVID-19 and Religious Liberty”

Rioters and Trump Take U.S. a Step Closer Towards Authoritarianism

By: Luke Harmuth In response to the riots and looters (as opposed to the peaceful protests resulting from the murder of George Floyd by a police officer), President Trump announced on June 1 that he would mobilize military forces to assist in halting the spread of violence. “If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time.Continue reading “Rioters and Trump Take U.S. a Step Closer Towards Authoritarianism”

Dangers of Partisanship

What is a democracy? What is a political environment? It is a place where different personality types fight out among each other how to run things. Since your personality has biological roots in its formation, both at the start and developmentally speaking, talking to someone in another political party can be very frustrating because youContinue reading “Dangers of Partisanship”