About Us

We are a community dedicated to studying out threats to the Church, its doctrine and members from a cultural, philosophical, and psychological perspective. We strive to be non partisan in our activities, and have a combination of persons from both the right and left involved in the creation and analysis of content.

From the government, institutions, and people. Threats can come from (but not limited to) these three main categories.

  • Policies that are linked to a sentiment or idea contrary to the commandments of God or His plan.
  • Institutions, run by those in unknowing opposition to eternal principles generate cultural tides against truth, even if intentions are commendable.
  • Person to person threats include the spreading of sinful behavior and ideas that can cause the corroding of testimonies.

Our purpose is to help others to come unto Christ, and also to avoid deception and illuminating ways of perceiving the world, situations, and ideas that can lead them down a path of contradictions and nihilism.

Our team watches the YouTube videos, read the websites, visit the ex-Mormon Reddit page frequently and collect books attempting to either draw people away from the faith, or arm others with talking points against the Church of Jesus Christ. While other more known apologetic organizations deal with the gritty facts of archaeology, history and semantics, we focus on cultural patterns and the grand scheme of two plans: God’s, and Lucifer’s. How do current trends and events, policies and laws fit into these two plans? This narrative is what we focus on.

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